LADDOO │ Short Film (LADDU) │ Written & Executed by Ahsan Syed

March 18, 2021 572 Views

Nearly 22.6 million children (ages 5 through 16) are not in school in Pakistan.
In fact, 56 percent of girls in Pakistan do not go to school.
Girls are disproportionately affected.
The determination of every woman’s rights begins with her early growth.

A Film By: Ashar Stores
Youtube Partner: Bizon TV
Production: Blue Box Solutions
Written & Executed By: Ahsan Syed
Executive Producer: Baber Majeed Ali
Producer : Ahsan Syed
Director: Sohail Irfan
Starring: Farah Tufail, Sadia Zaheer, Arham Ibrar, Mazhar Khaliq
Edit & Post Production : M. Usman Ali
Music : Abubakar javeed

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