Humara Mulk By Ibne Insha | Phir yeh alag mulk kyun banaya tha? | Ibn e inhsa ki baatein

November 28, 2020 380 Views

A masterpiece “humara mulk” written by Ibne insha and produced by Biozn tv.
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“Hymara Mulk” Originally Written By Ibn e Insha
Voice By Zaria Khan
Production: Bizon TV
“Iran main kon rehta hai?”
“Iran main Irani rehti hain.”
“Inglistan main kon rehta hain”
“Inglistan main angreez qoum rehti hai.”
“France main koun rehta hai?”
“France main Francisi qoum rehti hai.”
“Yeh kon sa mulk hai?”
“Yeh Pakistan hai.”
“Is main Pakistani qoum rehti hai?”
“Nahin iss main Pakistani qoum nahin rehti….
Iss main Sindhi qoum rehti hai…….
Iss main Punjabi qoum rethi hai……..
Iss main yeh qoum rehti hai…….
Iss main woh qoum rehti hai……..”
“Lekin Punjabi tou Hindustan main bhi rehte hain…
Sindhi bhi tou Hindustan main rehte hain….
Phir yeh alag mulk kyun banaya tha?”
“Ghalti hogayi… Maaf kar di jiyein ga.
Ayenda nahin banyein ge.”

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