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Humor is such a subjective thing. It’s easy to be ridiculous, or worse boring. But 2020 boasts a number of films that look like they’re destined to be comedic gold, or at least a great time at the theater or in your living room.

Welcome to Bizon TV, and we’re counting down our picks today top 5 comedy movies which had made our life smiling. We are looking at Comedy films for this list, and based our selections on a combination of their content and critical and commercial success.

5- Sonic the Hedgehog

Be ready to catch this fast action adventure movie because you are going to stunned by this movie. Legendary game figure Sonic is back with his un-resistible charm. This kid-targeted comedy film is full of hilarious scenes and boosted by remarkable performance of James Marsden and Jim Carry. Despite its simple story, the cat and mouse game between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik  is fun to watch which brings back nostalgic memories of our childhoods. It received mixed reviews from critics who dislike its simple plot and dull story but this little ball of energy packed with action, won the hearts of saga fans who are delighted to see their childhood friend back on screen.


This movie is based on classic novel of Jane Austin with same name. Featuring Anna Taylor Joy who plays the main character Emma. Revolves around Emma’s romantic meddling with people around him, this movie is filled with light romance and comedy. Manipulative matchmaker, Miss Emma loves to fix other peoples love life but things turned upside down for her when she also fell for someone. Elements of love and jealousy in close relations with little comedy of regency era of England make it unique. Although it is not a perfect adaptation of novel but no one can deny the beauty and charm of Emma on screens.

3-The King of Staten Island

This comedy drama movie is a sort of semi-biography whicd deals with serious issue of life in comedic way. Although it is a comedy movie but it fails to address trajedy beneath its surface and that’s why it was criticized by people. Being a Judd Aptow movie,  it should contain hilarious crazy scenes like his other movie but this time director had used different approach to describe his story. The emotional catastrophe of main protagonist is disturbing and somehow boring, but it inspired many people with its serious and   mature matter of subject with mixture of comedy and fun .  

2-Palm Springs

Romantic comedies are often cliché movies with same usual concepts. . . . .but this movie has amazed people with its unique and original concept in this genre. Goofy time loop romance is recycled by powerful performance of lead actors and it proves that there may be more potential sequence of this film. It perfectly blends the elements of love, science fiction and buddy romance in such a way that you cant afford to miss anything once you start to watch this film. Some people are comparing it with GroundHog Day but anything they say , it stll stands its position with much appreciation and love by audience.

1-The Gentleman

One of the top movies of 2020 is, no doubt,  The Gentelman which is directed by no other but Guy Ricthi who in past has given us many masterpieces like Snatch and Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels . . . . . . .and in 2020, this gentleman has given us The Gentlemen starring big names like Matthew McMhony , Charlie Hunman, and Hugh Grant. This action-comedy films grasp your mind and made you fall in love with its characters. Everything from dialogues, to music and character building is in smooth and crispy way. Packed with dark comedy and subtle action , it also involves a dark twist which baffles its audiences in many ways but you cant complain because this is the style of our Gentleman Guy Ricthi. Critics have praised its action sequence , plot and performance specially Mathew and Colin Ferral.

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