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Welcome to Bizon TV, and we’re counting down our picks today top 5 animated movies which had made our life smiling. We are looking at animated films for this list, and based our selections on a combination of their content and critical and commercial success.


Well guys, it’s time to dive into Bikini Bottom to meet our beloved, osmotic charm ‘’SpongeBob ‘’ and his friends after a long time. The film was released amid the pandemic in May to bring joy and happiness among the fans. It’s a callback to simpler times with inside jokes, celebrity cameos and usual anarchy. This deep dive in ocean, going to give you pleasure as you will see SpongeBob, embarked on a rescue mission to Lost City of Atlantic to save his beloved pet snail ‘Gary’ from the Poseidon with his friend Patrick. The story may be straightforward but it surely gives a huge fun and pleasure and revives old memories. The film have received mixed reviews from critics but praise for its humor.

4- The Willoughbys

It is an unconventional, dark themed adventurous movie which revolves around four old-fashioned kids as they are trying to get away from their parents. A wonderful and whimsical tale of neglected kids who purposely orphan themselves by sending their ‘mean’ and ‘selfish’ parents on a dangerous journey. This is not your regular animated movie because it has dark elements which are lightened by film’s bright upbeat execution. Through this film, you will see the transformation of a terrible family into a good family and its importance. The Willoughbys kids are affected by selfishness of their parents and they have forgotten the bonds of love and compassion but they are saved by a sweet, kind hearted nanny who eventually save them through her love.

3- Spies in Disguise

If you are a fan of spy action movie with super fun buddy-comedy! Then you need to watch this movie. It has every element to enjoy,from comedy to action and drama. The action comedy sequence of this film is great. Featuring the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland, both actors are at the peak of their charm. Plot of this movie is predictable. Lance Sterling (Will Smith) isa cocky,charismatic superspy who like to work alone and Walter Beckett (Tom Holland), a gadget inventor young scientist with kind heart. When Lance accidently drinks a potion at Walter’s hous=e and turned into a pigeon, this odd-couple must work together to stop a dangerous villain from revealing the identities of all secret agents. A lot of spy gear and weapons with physical comedy can be seen in this film. The film delivers a message about teamwork and non-violence for kids at home. Critics have praised the chemistry between Will and Tom. The film also received positive reviews about its humor, music and vocal performances. 

2- Lupin III : The First

A beloved gentleman thief, has come back to steal or hearts again with his charisma and style. Created by Monkey Punch, this character has its own six television series and dozens of OVAs, but this time , the latest heist by Lupin is epic unlike he’s done before. First time in its franchise, a fully 3DCG animated movie have blown away its fans with unique story, action sequence and performances of actors. The plot involves Mesopotamian mythology and Nazi intrigue. The fun but forgettable      movie that has now resulted from that dream is a fine testimony to the fact that certain fictional characters really have their own spirit, one that never loses its form regardless of how far you stretch it. The themes of harmony and family are all intrinsic to the franchise, with a touch of biting one’s thumb at authority.


The best animated movie of 2020 is Pixar’s urban-fantasy-adventurous ‘ONWARD’ produced by Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. The story orbits two elf brothers who set out on a quest to find an artifact which will bring back their deceased father for only one night. This film is an actually a road trip movie of two brothers in a world full of magic and mythical creatures, from savage pixies to dragon shaped golem. Ian Lightfoot is a teenage skinny elf with shy personality in contrast to his goofy older brother. Despite their inherent differences, two brothers are determined to complete the spell by finding a gem through mystical world. The emotional bond between brothers is rekindled at the end as they find their inner strengths and learn to sacrifice for each other. The film depicts a strong message of self-confidence and harmony with each other in blend of comedy and thriller. It have received a lot of praise for its comedy, music, animation and for the vocal performances of actors. It is a great ride of emotions and feelings with a humor and comedy blended with adventure. 

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