Blockbuster: Upcoming Movies in December 2020 (Bizon TV)

Blockbuster: Upcoming Movies in December 2020 (Bizon TV)

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We all want urge to try new things and movies are one of them.Welcome to Bizon TV, and we’re counting down our picks for new releasing movies which are going to make our life smiling. We are looking at Upcoming films in 2020 for this list, and based our selections on a combination of their content and critical and commercial success.

1-Monster Hunter

For those people , who like monster and abominable creatures , get ready for hunting season because MillaJovinch is coming back to hunt these monsters .. Based on popular game. It has been in conception since 2012 but now, we will see this action thriller film which gonna give you Goosebumps and excitement at the same time. Story revolves around a group of soldiers who are sent to another world full of prehistoric-looking creatures and they have to survive and kill all those monsters coming from sky and land. This film offers up all of the dragon-slaying, spider-crab horror, and desolate wastelands you could possibly ever want. 

2-Free Guy

This video-based action comedy movie is going to rock the world of both gaming and non-gaming audience around the globe. Staring Dead pool star Ryan Reynolds who claimed that it is the best movie of his career. Take place in imaginary open video game world, our hero realizes that he is background player so he decided to become hero of his story and there. .  . .things get crazy. Full of Easter eggs and action backed by CGI and visuals, there is also self-aware humor and wicked jokes of Ryan Reynolds, so you can expect a lot of crazy shit packed with comedy and action.

3-Death on the Nile

Love,Jealousy, a horrific murder and a handsome detective   . . . . . . Now you can’t resist the temptation if all these elements come together in a movie.  Death on Nile sees the return of HerculePoirot, the world’s best detective to solve a murder in Egypt as he aboard a Glamorous river steamer in Nile River. Things got out of hands when a brutal murder is happened and Hercule is tasked to find the killer. Filmed in Egypt with majestic Pyramids and beautiful landscape, this film is based on Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel of same name. Directed by Kenneth Bergah who is also appearing as Detective Hercule, films cast also include Gal Godot, and Armie Hammer.

4-Coming to America    

It is one of the most anticipated movie of the year . . . . . . .based on Characters created by Eddy Murphy , this film is a direct sequel of original 1998 movie of the same name with much of original cast. This time prince Akeem is coming to America to find his son, he never knew, to honor the last wish of his dying father. People are waiting eagerly for this hilarious comedy and fun film with comedic legend Eddie Murphy who never fails in tickling your laughing bone. Directed by Craig Brewer, this movie is a guarantee to eliminate your boredom and make you laugh crazy.

5-Wonder Woman 

When it comes to being a feminist icon, no one can beat the Wonder Woman, who is literally born in a magical group of warriors. This DC superhero character has already won our hearts in its first film but now she is coming back again to fight with some super villains and to save the world. Gal Godot, with her charm and beauty, have played this character so magnificently. The director of this film is also a female, Petty Jenkins who made sure to bring new audience by her brilliant ideas and better action sequence than previous chapter. So, get ready to be see this Amazonian warrior on big screens and hopefully, you won’t regret it.


Hollywood has offered many movies in past with clear message of chasing your dreams and become successful, but in order to do so, others have to lose. But director of this upcoming Pixar movie, is going to represent the same idea but in better way which is to love and respect everyone whether they have achieved their goals or not. Starring Jamie Foxx, this animated-comedy movie depicts the struggle of a high school band teacher, who died in an accident and his soul is trying to get his way back to earth. Pixar has already many successful movies under its banner and people are waiting to see this upcoming film after boredom and pandemic.

7-News of the world

Based on novel by Paulette Jiles, this upcoming western drama film tells the story of Civil War Veteran who agrees to deliver a young girl, captive of Kiowa people, back to her relatives. Morally complex and multilayer, this historical fiction explores the boundaries of responsibility, family, honor and trust. Tom Hanks is playing lead character of Capt. Jefferson Kyle with Helena Zegal and their 400 miles journey through unsettled territory looming all kinds of dangers gonna leave you in whirl of excitement and elation. 


This gritty disaster movie is some kind of near future prediction movie where all humanity is struggling to survive. Plot of this movie is usual like other disaster movies where one man is trying to save his family from a devastating event of extinction. You can see Gerard Butler as main character whose trying very hard to take his family to Greenland, a safe shelter where people are gathering to escape from horrific planet-killing comet hurtles. Apart from destruction of planet, we can also see the vulnerability and selfishness of human beings and how they behave under such circumstances with instinct of survival. Overall, this movie is a good distraction and entertainment from your daily life.

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